Our main offer

are 4 premade packages

or you can make your own package selecting among options we have.

There must be at least 8 guest to order a ride (or less for the price of 8)

larger groups get up to 15% discount!


10 €


15 €


21 €


26 €

Panoramic Cruises

The ride includes one drink of your liking.
The boat will take you through the center of Ljubljana,
where you'll have a most unique view of Plečnik's Ljubljanica river,
and interesting perspective on the old town architecture and bridges.
1 hour ride
one drink

10 €

Cruise & Appetizer

Beside the ride, we offer a small variety of appetizers, also some traditional Slovene cuisine.
The boat will take you to Ljubljana Marshes then back to the city Center.
Perfect for a refreshing ride and a meal while sightseeing.
2 hour ride
warm or
cold Appetizers

15 €

Cruise & Treat

They include a main grill dish,  picnic salad and bread as a side dish..
You'll be enjoying the serenity of Marshes for two hours, then Ljubljana,
while being served delicious food from our grill.
3 hour ride
Main grill dish
Picnic salad

21 €

Cruise & Feast

They include an appetizer, main grill dish,  picnic salad and bread
You'll be enjoying the serenity of Marshes for three hours, then Ljubljana,
while being served the delicious food from our grill.
4 hour ride
Main grill dish
Picnic salad

26 €

You can use the form below, to make the package of your liking and check the final price per guest, including discounts.

Below you can check our full offer of food and drinks with prices.

AppetizersWarm AppetizersMain dishesSide dishesSaladsDesertsDrinks

Mali narezek - 2€
pršut, goveja salama, sir in olive
narezek s pršutom

Kanapeji - 2€
izbor različnih kanapejev

Slano pecivo - 2€
izbor različnega slanega peciva

Kuhana Šunka - 3
kuhana šunka s hrenom
Kuhana šunka

Veliki domači narezek - 4€
Domača salama, pršut, savinjski želodec, zaseka, kumarice, sir
Domaci narezek

Velika sirna plošča - 4€
izbor različnih sirov
Sirna plosca

Tortelini - 3€
tortelini v smetanovi omaki, s parmezanom

Golaž - 5€
goveji golaž, začimbe - lahko pekoč

Jota - 4€
jota z repo, krompirjem in fižolom

Mineštra - 4€
Zelenjavna mineštra, veliko različnje zelenjave

Mali Žar - 5
Čevapčiči, ražnjiči, perutničke, popečene paprike s česnom, Bučke s sirom

Mali vege - 5
popečen sir, bučke s sirom, popečene paprike, malancani s česnom

Veliki žar - 7
Čevapčiči, ražnjiči, perutničke, pikantne klobase, popečene paprike, bučke s sirom, malancani s česnom, gobice
Žar 2

Veliki vege - 7
popečen sir, bučke s sirom, malancani s česnom, popečene paprike, gobice, tofu

Kruh - 0€
Različne vrste kruha
črni domači, koruzni, polnozrnat,

Kuhan krompir - 2
krompir v koščkih z dišavnicami
Kuhan krompir

Pečen krompir - 2
krompir v koščkih s peteršiljem in česnom

Pommes frites - 2
ocvrt krompir s paradižnikovo mezgo
Pommes frites

Panini - 2
popečeni kruhki s pestom, sirom in paradižniki

Polenta - 2
popečene rezine polente

Klobase- 2
kuhana kranjska klobasa
ali pečena domača klobsa
Kranjska klobasa

Omake in dressingi- 2
razne omake, dressingi, salse

Piknik - 2€
paradižnik, paprika, čebula
Piknik solata

Šobska - 3
paradižnik, paprika, čebula, kumara, beli sir

Grška - 3
paradižnik, paprika, kumara, olive, feta sir
Grška solata

Torta - 2
čokoladna, sadna, smetanova

Potica - 2
domača z orehi ali pehtranova

Sladoled - 2
vanilijev, čokoladni, lešnik, ...

Slaščice - 2
izbor različnega sladkega peciva in slaščic

Tiramisu - 3

Gibanica - 3
Prekmurska gibanica je posebnost med sladicami, slovenska kulinarična dobrota.

Cenik Pijače:

Pivo 0,5l - 2,5€
Vino Belo 0,75l - 15€
Vino Rdeče 1l - 15€
Voda 1,5l - 4,50€
Mineralna voda 1,5l - 4,50€
Gaziran napitek 1,5l - 12€
Sok 1l - 8€
Vino kuhano 0,2l - 1,20€
Aperitiv 0,03l - 2,20€
Gin Tonic - 2,50€
Pri naročilu pijače po izboru,
izbirate med:
1 pivo; 0,2l vina;
0,3l soka ali gazirane pijače;
ali 0,03l aperitiva.
Zmski paket pijače,
kuhano vino, sok, vodo in čaj.
Price List valid from 31.5. 2018

Terms and Conditions

* Minimum number of guests is 8. We can use more than one boat for groups of more than 30 guests.
* Children under 12 free of charge, unless being served food.
* The Captain or the crew may cancel the ride at any time, due to unsuitable conditions or other threats (i.e. large waters, heavy rains, ...), to ensure the safety of the passengers and crew.
* In the case of danger while on a ride, the passengers must follow the instructions of the Captain or the crew.
* Passengers must behave correctly and according to the guidelines of the Captain.
* The Captain or the crew can and will remove a passenger from the boat, if he or she is misconducting in such a way as to threaten the safety or in other way obstruct the integrity of other passengers or the crew.
* The pictures of food and drinks on these site are symbolic and may not fully represent the actual products.
* The passengers are accepting these terms and conditions upon entering the boat.